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First Flight: A Musical Sampler, Pt. 2

Trey Demmond

Here is the second volume of soundtrack material, both custom and stock, covering styles that include Orchestral, Jazz, Electronic, Classical Chamber music, and covering a variety of moods!

My name is Trey Demmond and I compose music for soundtracks, sheet music performance, and easy listening. This album is a sampler of my wares! More than half of these tunes have been licensed as soundtrack material in one form or another. Some were created originally as soundtracks and in this album appear as arrangements suitable for a variety of uses. Whatever your intentions for these tunes may be, I hope that you find them enjoyable!

My tunes are available to the easy-listener for digital purchase here at CD Baby, iTunes, and other online distributers. If you would like to license any of these tunes for synchronizing to your video/film project, please examine my web site, hosted by HostBaby or contact me at the information given below.

Thank you!

Trey Demmond
TreyD Music & Media, LLC 805-796-0580

Bach Goes To Italy, Orchestral Suite, mvts 1-3 I was hired by a director making an internet ad for a German company selling Italian-style ice cream. Intrigued by this blending of cultures, I blended the music of German composer J.S. Bach’s Italian Concerto with Italian Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the early 20th century Italian pop composer Luigi Denza. The director was quite pleased with my contribution but, alas, the ice cream company found it too old-fashioned. Well, I say, “waste not, want not!” The less-than-two-minute original appears here as a fleshed out three-movement orchestral suite!

Impressions of a Song I wanted to create something that sounds both mysterious and beautiful. The harp pattern and middle melody are adaptations from a Debussy tune. However, I made them fit into my own harmonic design and created the main melody. I hope that you like it.

The Fall Air Has a Bite This is an original work written for a photographer friend of mine who created a slide show of Fall foliage from upstate Wisconsin. I offer it here in two versions in order to please differing tastes.

East Point Road, The Highlands, and Canyons and Their Moods These three tunes are sheet music arrangements of music composed for a six-part Changing Landscapes internet video series illustrating how the views on Santa Rosa Island (located just off of the California coast) have changed over the years. The United States Geological Survey was the client and the Channel Islands National Park was the wonderful host for the project. These pieces were fun to write!

Just Thinking About It Here is a mellow, jazzy tunes for piano, bass, and vibes. It is pretty easy to perform and the sheet music includes both a medium difficult vibe part and very easy version for the beginning percussionist.

Hear My Cries Have you ever felt so penned-in by uncomfortable thoughts that you just want to cry out and vent? Well here is a tune that can serve as your catalyst! I offer two versions featuring either an alto sax or a set of vibes on the solo part.

The Emergence, Parts 1 & 2, and their versions This was my original idea for the Fall Colors slide show mentioned above. However, I decided that it grows a bit too energetically for turning leaves. Nonetheless, it does have a wonderful arc of energy from a hushed anticipation, leading to an intense peak, and a calming return to quiescence!

Foggy Blanket, Growing Up, The Challenging Wind, The Parting Glass The Channel Islands are absolutely captivating and folks are quite dedicated to sharing their love of these islands with the general public. These four tunes are the soundtracks for a different, and ongoing, internet video series showcasing the islands. I am grateful that the director hired me to write the music!

Beautiful Fog, Parts 1 through 5 Once again, I was asked to write some music for a nine-minute slide show to precede a lecture given at the Channel Islands National Park. Since the lecture was about the environmental role of fog on the islands, the audience was given something to look at while they filtered into the auditorium and chatted amongst themselves. In short, the music needed to be mellow, relaxing, and NOT sleep-inducing! For this album, I arranged the long tune into five short renditions.

A Collection of Short Stuff The rest of this album consists of short tunes intended for soundtracks to accompany the standard 30- and 60-second advertisement. The moods vary from the mysterious New Age Coming, to the angst-torn Glory on Trial, Conflict, and Dark Introduction. For me, Riff on Gesualdo elicits moods of sadness, tragedy, and something unpleasant to come! With Purpose, Ticking Suspense, and Busy Bee are lighter fare that implies some kind of process . Impressions on Claude I find to be downright copasetic (fine, OK, cool, and groovy) and I hope that you do too! Finally, everyone needs music for the opening and credits portions of their projects and these Title-Credits variants were picked up by the director of the Foggy Blanket set.

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