First Flight: A Musical Sampler, Pt 1

Trey Demmond

Here is the first volume of soundtrack material, both custom and stock, covering styles that include Orchestral, Jazz, Electronic, Classical Chamber music, and covering a variety of moods!

My name is Trey Demmond and I compose music for soundtracks, sheet music performance, and easy listening. This album is the Part 1 sampler of my wares! More than half of these tunes have been licensed as soundtrack material in one form or another. Some were created originally as soundtracks and in this album appear as arrangements suitable for a variety of uses. Whatever your intentions for these tunes may be, I hope that you find them enjoyable!

My tunes are available to the easy-listener for digital purchase here at CD Baby, iTunes, and other online distributers. If you would like to license any of these tunes for synchronizing to your video project, please examine my web site, hosted by Host Baby or contact me at the information given below. Thank you! Trey Demmond 805-796-0580

East Point Road (Soundtrack Version), The Highlands (Soundtrack Version), Military Musings, Flying Around, & Cattle Call These tunes are the soundtracks composed for a six-part Changing Landscapes internet video series illustrating how the views on Santa Rosa Island (located just off of the California coast) have changed over the years. Tune number six, Canyons and Their Moods, can be found on Part 2 of this sampler. The United States Geological Survey was the client and the Channel Islands National Park was the wonderful host for the project. These pieces were fun to write!

Drifting, Dripping Fog I see the Channel Islands every time I drive to work and I never tire of their beauty. I was asked to create a video and compose the soundtrack describing the role of fog in keeping the cloud forests found on Santa Rosa Island healthy. The fog comes from the ocean to the west. It envelopes the trees and plants in thick, swirling, and quickly blowing blankets. If you stand under one of the Island Oaks, you will become soaked in about five minutes!

Sad March Duet I had recently re-watched Disney’s 1959 classic Fantasia and was moved by the weary march of the dinosaurs. While driving to work on the freeway, I noticed how many folk looked so dejected as they drove in tight formation to their destinations. Putting these two ideas together came to me and this tune was born in the car as I drove along.

The Gift of Love (Instrumental) This is a doo-wop style number that originated as a Christian ballad about love and drawn from 1 Corinthians 13. The lilting and sweet melody can stand by itself, however, so I offer it here as an instrumental.

Step Away (Instrumental) Once again, I’ve turned a religious song into an instrumental number. Based on the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, the original lyrics exhorted those who hid behind masks of false piety to step away and stop living a lie. To be honest, the lyrics ruffled more than a few feathers in the congregation. I like the funky hook, though, and think that its sassiness gives this instrumental version plenty of strength.

Blue Bells in My Head While driving to work one day, the local classical station played Marin Marias’ Baroque masterpiece Bells of St. Genevieve. On the way home, I listened to a CD of swing era jazz. Well, you know, the two just seemed made for each other! So here is an arrangement that keeps those bells in my head swinging.

Blue Images Nr. 1 If you haven’t figured it out yet, I get a lot of ideas while driving to work. With Blue Bells still in my head, I listened to Debussy’s Images for Piano, Set 1/1 Reflections on the Water. And the idea of arranging it to a blues chord progression proved to a fun exercise!

Awestruck With Amazement, & Awestruck With Dread I had dinner once with the director of a meditation center here in Ojai, CA. Later on, I felt inspired to experiment with some electronic mixes that were to be meditative in nature. Well, I hardly felt calm when I was done! It’s amazing how just one or two choices of synth patches can change the overall mood of a tune!

Go Away, Headache! This the third and last experiment after the Awestruck pair. And yes, I had developed a headache by then! So as I worked through this tune, being bothered by my headache, and supposed to be addressing meditation, I thought, “Let’s make this tune about making the headache go away.” It worked!

A Collection of Short Stuff The rest of this album consists of short tunes intended for soundtracks to accompany the standard 30- and 60-second advertisement.

  • The Dripping Intro pair, The Progression of Time set, Passing Time, and the Waiting For It To Happen pair were used in Channel Islands National Park videos.
  • Riffing on Claude Again, Conflict (Short Version), and Fearful Waiting I composed on spec.
  • The Short Flights collection was composed for flying scenes in an aerial photography video on near-infrared photography. The client wanted something that sounded like a cross between the chamber music of Antonin Dvorak and Richard Strauss. Not only was it fun to write, but the pilot took me up in both of his single engine small planes. One was a rather staid Mooney (the one with the camera gear). The other was a two-seater Pitts Model 12 stunt plane! We did all of the flashy flying stunts! Wow, now I know what 3Gs feels like!
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